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Christmas Gift Guide



    Instill the Christmas spirit into your jewelry gifts with the glowing light of diamonds and gems. Pasquale Bruni offers you carefully curated collections of gorgeous jewels inspired by nature and feminine power for you to find the best luxury Christmas gifts for your loved ones and yourself. Follow this guide to provide lasting reminders of the joy, love, and unity felt during this festive holiday by choosing from a stunning array of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

    Sparkling Moonlight

    A scintillating and glowing collection perfect for delightful Christmas celebrations. From delicate designs to breathtaking creations, Giardini Segreti is a tribute to the female world, full of passion that embodies a joyous spirit. Indulge yourself in a mystical universe of flowers, leaves and butterfly jewelry that will shine brighter than spectacular lights. To symbolize infinite light, Pasquale Bruni’s master craftsmanship has introduced a Yin and Yang of precious White and Black Diamonds. This ethereal juxtaposition is graceful, magical and sure to be treasured luxury Christmas gifts for her. Dress the hand of a person you hold close to your heart in an intriguing way with the glamorous Giardini Segreti Ring to give them a chance to create a secret garden of their own these New Year days.

    Meanwhile Giardini Segreti is inspired by the secret gardens in Milan and the myriad of mysterious city courtyards, our Petit Garden collection comes to life from the extraordinary beauty and enchanting nature of the spiritual island of Bali, and faraway lands. Magnificently illuminated by White and Champagne Diamonds, the sparkling jewelry in this collection represents the mesmerism of shooting stars and the delicate beauty that lies on Frangipani flowers, making for glorious gold Christmas gifts. Invite the Stella in Fiore Earrings in 18k White Gold with Diamonds to illuminate your holidays and exude a magical elegance reminiscent of shooting stars on the most memorable nights.

    Warm Winter 

    Warm Feelings, Warm days, Warm Gifts. This selection of warm tones is specially crafted with pure Rose Gold, allowing you to revisit memorable encounters with the most important people in your life. Therefore, the magnificent jewelry that lies within will make for stunning and special Christmas gifts. The Aleluiá collection is the ultimate ode to beauty and love, and what makes it truly a unique gift is the arduous manufacturing methods behind these stunning jewels. A well-thought-out luxury Christmas gift should equally be as well thought out as its creative design. In fact, crafting each prestigious Aleluiá piece requires one year of conceptualization. It is set one by one to create a stunning pure Gold leaf shape that symbolizes the power women possess and all their divinity. Instill happiness in the form of Rose Gold with our Aleluiá Ear Cuff and complete a contemporary and loving luxury Christmas gift for her.

    If you wish for majestic paradises where the beauty of nature with pure lotus blossoms decorates the female body, the perfect Christmas jewelry gifts are found in the unexplored gardens and inner world of the Lakshmi collection. The warm pure Rose Gold petals are the perfect balance between strength and gentleness while simultaneously being the symbol of feminine spiritual force and authority. As a result, the contrasting exotic aesthetic of our Lakshmi Earrings in 18k Rose Gold makes them the ideal Christmas gift for Mothers and the most cherished independent females in your life. 

    Enchanting Lights 

    May your holiday days be filled with precious and unique experiences with our iconic mix-and-match festive combinations. Within nature, the miracle of light arises in the form of our Luce collection. A collection that, much like Christmas, is filled with emotion and lights that will envelop you and your loved ones  in a beautiful, sophisticated and joyful allure. Gift a world of emotions with our Luce Pendant Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with Diamonds, an inviting trail of shimmers that epitomises the reflection of the natural light on bodies of water.

    If you desire to show appreciation, love, and respect for a significant figure in your life, the iconic Bon Ton collection has adapted and grown alongside women in our ever-changing society without sacrificing its emblem's innate elegance and grace. The five-petaled flower represents the icon of the Maison, featuring a patented cut, where the gem unites a cabochon pistil with faceted petals. Although Bon Ton may seem innately romantic, it is also informal and contemporary. Thus, it is the perfect luxury Christmas gift, as well as a tribute to Mother Nature and women. Decorate the wrists of your loved ones with the Bon Ton Dolce Vita Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold with Prasiolite and Diamonds for a transparent, vibrant, luminous Christmas jewelry gift that emanates powerful energy.

    Colour Your Holidays 

    Embrace the vibrant energy of gems and bloom in all the colors of your soul with Pasquale Bruni. Our everlasting Petit Joli collection is a floral dream, specially and delicately crafted with expert artisanship for happy women with a free soul. Pamper the people you hold dear in your heart this Christmas with the Petit Joli Stud Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with White Agate, and Champagne Diamonds to encapsulate the lasting connection between nature and women.

    A gift from the Ton Joli collection conceived in precious bold colors with contrasting delicate personalities is sure to dazzle anyone in the most charming way. Color your holidays in the bright shades of pure green agate and blue lapis lazuli with our Ton Joli Earrings, expertly handcrafted in Italy to maintain the timeless ​​Bon Ton cut. The symbolism of the mistletoe will complement this luxury Christmas gift by representing a kiss between feminine spirits and nature. 


    Gifting something personal is incredibly important during Christmas, especially considering that all a person wants is belongings and experiences to be unique and valuable during this precious time. Personalisation has always been a significant part of Pasquale Bruni's jewelry, hence why our timeless collections are sure to instill the festive magic into your holidays. It is an effective way to show your love, care and affection for your loved ones, as our precious jewels will not only color your holidays in happiness but have a very significant meaning for the person receiving them