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Moonstone meaning and jewelry : complete guide



    Moonstone jewelry is genuinely exquisite and fascinating. Its very particular light varies according to the brightness of the sun or the light of the environment in which they are used. Looking closely at a moonstone is synonymous with getting lost and captivated in a gem with delicate reflections. When light approaches, they come to life, taking on shades that are nothing short of mesmerizing and incredible. Follow this guide if you wish to learn more about this gorgeous and precious stone.

    Moonstone: meaning, color & origin

    Moonstone symbolism: what does it represent?

    With its ethereal and heavenly appearance, it's no wonder Moonstone is surrounded by mythology and spiritual energy. The meaning of moonstone is ancient and full of culture; the legend suggests it is a gem directly connected with the symbolism of the moon and deeply associated with women. It is considered a feminine stone, a lucky charm linked to the tides, the earth, mothers, emotions, and the cyclical nature of women. Authentic moonstone jewelry represents a preferential channel of inner wisdom, and the good spirit of luck is dwelled within. The legend tells that the moon goddess is enclosed in moonstone gems and that owning one helps stimulate magic power. Therefore, having a moonstone necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings directly touching your skin allows maximum communion with assimilation of its energy. However, the legend also tells that if moonstone jewelry loses its luster, it means the owner is carrying a grudge.

    Different Moonstone colors

    The moonstone is a lava stone crystal with an appearance that leaves you speechless. Thanks to its optical effect, the adularescence, the internal reflections of this majestic stone are comparable to moonlight. Precisely because of these plays of light, it was used in ancient times to capture the lunar energy, and it was believed that the lunar rays gave it life, striking the rock with their light. The moonstone belongs to the Obsidian family and is found in the white, grey, brown, blue or rainbow varieties. Due to their mysterious origins, Moonstone colors are admired in many popular beliefs and are considered a lucky charm.

    Where are the moonstones found?

    Humanity has worn Moonstones for thousands of years and has been associated with the great goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome, Diana, Selene, and Artemis. As a result, its ancient Greek name was a combination of Aphrodite and Selene's names, Aphroselene.

    Nevertheless, the traditional source of ancient luxury moonstones is the island of Sri Lanka, off the southern coast of India, which is also a significant supplier of Rainbow moonstones. It is considered a sacred gemstone in India, shown only on a sacred yellow cloth. In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, it was called Chandrakanta, which represents "loved by the moon."

    A more recent source of moonstone is Switzerland, where some excellent and stunning stones have been mined around Mount Adulare. Adularia then became a common name for moonstones from Switzerland and gave rise to the term Adularescence for their pearly or iridescent appearance.

    Pasquale Bruni Moonstone jewelry

    Bouquet Lunaire

    The Pasquale Bruni Bouquet Lunaire collection epitomizes the Moon, which is the fundamental element that illuminates emotions, empowers women, and emanates a sense of harmony

    The Bouquet Lunaire Earrings are a loftier and more complex extension of the Petit Joli collection, whose essence is very much present in this masterpiece. Adularia, the iconic white moonstone created in nature, is expertly amalgamated with precious stones and Diamonds including onyx, the quintessential black stone. 

    These are easily matched with Bouquet Lunaire Rings that embody pure elegance and are created with particular attention to detail and a thorough study of the anatomy of the hands to achieve a perfect fit for every woman. Experience an explosion of feelings in which the Moon gem emerges as the ultimate expression of femininity with this precious jewelry.

    The Bouquet Lunaire Bracelets are  like the rest of our luxury jewels, entirely handmade in Italy by the skillful hands of master goldsmiths who have picked the moonstone color grey in particular to achieve a harmonious balance between male power and femininity. Additionally, the beautiful black stones and onyx, are synonymous with the courage women possess

    Pasquale Bruni's skill is reflected in the design of our precious jewelry and enhanced by the expert selection of moonstones behind each creation. Embrace Bouquet Lunaire Necklaces that will adorn your neck with Gold, Gemstones, and Diamonds that can be effortlessly worn in versatile ways to enhance femininity and beauty on every occasion.

    Gold rings with moonstone

     The Figlia dei Fiori Two Flowers Contrarié Ring is realized in 18k White Gold with London Blue Topaz, Moonstone and Diamonds. This collection celebrates freedom, love and harmony with nature. Our expert craftsmanship has led to an elegant blend of precious stones and White Gold that speaks for the immensity of the bright sky. Specifically, the rings with moonstone acts upon the lunar universe to represent utmost femininity and a seductive aesthetic that emphasizes the inner Goddess in every woman. When combined with the London Blue Topaz stone, divinity, inner beauty, and harmony are brought to light.

    Gold earrings with moonstone

     Figlia dei Fiori Pendant Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with Pink Chalcedony, Red Garnet, Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, White and Champagne Diamonds. You can instill magic with trails of majestic flowers surrounding your temple like dazzling shooting stars with real moonstone earrings. Women are strong and powerful creatures of nature that are able to carry the whole Universe with them. The rose gold earrings with moonstone were specially handcrafted with earth-colored shades that will surround you with warmth. When the Pink chalcedony is added, you will experience a warm embrace that unites the emotions of love, fire, and courage to highlight your confidence. Moonstone, the most feminine and seducing stone, along with Smoky Quartz and Carnelian, will enhance emotions of empathy, gratitude, and femininity

    Gold necklaces with moonstone

    Luna in Fiore Collier in 18k Rose Gold with Moonstone, Green Agate, Amethyst, Pink Chalcedony, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Turquoise, Moonstone and Mother of Pearl doublet, and Diamonds. The enchanting gold necklaces with moonstone and other gemstones is not only the epitome of feminine freedom but an authentic 80s inspiration that leads to a large volume jewel, expertly handmade in Italy for charismatic and contemporary women. The collection Luna in Fiore represents an explosion of elements loved by nature and continues experimenting with the famous and delicate Maison Bon Ton flower to reach the infinite power women incarnate.


    Gold bracelets with moonstone

    Lakshmi Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold with Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, and Diamonds is part of a collection that is inspired by the most spiritual gardens of India. Small paradises where a woman’s temple is decorated by the pure perfection of the lotus flower. This handcrafted gold bracelets with moonstone are considered a symbol of spiritual force and power that, much like a talisman, adorns wrists with sensual, harmonious, and beauty-enhanced power. The Moonstone and the Lapis lazuli in this bracelet induce light, wisdom, and virtue to represent the miracle of nature and inner peace.


    Even without the legends, origins, colors, and mystical background attached, you can't help but believe there is something enchanting about these jewels. A jewel made of precious moonstone will wrap you in a celestial glow with an aura that appears to hover just above the pearly surface. Moonstone jewelry has great spiritual significance as it promotes revealing dreams and femininity. Being a stone with a powerful magnetism, the moonstone helps the heart of the person that wears it, whether it is a real moonstone ring, precious earring, elegant necklace, or majestic bracelet