Valentine's jewelry:
a guide to the perfect gift for her

Jewelry always makes the correct statement, especially if you wish to show a special woman in your life how much you care. Keep reading to discover Pasquale Bruni’s Valentine’s jewelry so you can find the perfect gift that will be cherished for years to come.

A magic Valentine’s Day with Petit Garden

Petit Garden by Pasquale Bruni is a stunning jewelry collection perfect for Valentine's Day. The collection features intricate designs and master craftsmanship to create timeless and captivating jewels that embody an expression of love and appreciation. Each elegant masterpiece is imbued with the spirit of nature and love, making them the perfect symbol of your affection. In the captivating beauty of the Petit Garden collection, small secrets of pure passion are found, ensuring your Valentine's Day is magical and unforgettable.

Valentine’s Ring

Petit Garden Rings are born from the spirituality and enchanting scenery of tropical islands where warm and powerful emotions reside. In these passionate worlds, you will find great beauty and ravishing nature in the form of small delicate rings perfect for stacking like a bouquet on Her hands. The beauty in these magnificent stacked rings makes them the ideal gift to express your love and affection on Valentine's Day. Designed to be worn together, creating a harmonious and elegant composition of precious stones, each ring will represent a moment and an emotion of your relationship.

Inspiring vivid emotions from the heart, the Petit Garden Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Pink Sapphires unveils a stunningly exotic flower, the Frangipani. Through this mesmerizing Valentine’s Day ring, she will feel the power and spirit of nature as it metaphorically carries Her soul to secret faraway lands. The delicate trail of Pink Sapphires reveals a sensual energy reminiscent of cherished memories shared by lovers.

The Petit Garden Ring in 18k White Gold with Diamonds creates art on your skin through a dance between small White Gold flowers and Diamond-filled leaves. This Valentine's Day ring's aura of purity and love will unite you and your loved one by creating a secret path to each other's hearts.

Pasquale Bruni - Petit Garden Rings

Valentine’s Earrings

Petit Garden earrings are perfect for celebrating the most precious of feelings. Offer your heart in the form of earrings so she can carry your love with her always.Through these precious earrings for Valentine's Day,
you will be able to symbolize your love story and relive your most magical moments.

Pasquale Bruni’s Petit Garden Stud Earrings in 18k White Gold with Diamonds embody sweet little striking flowers that encapsulate Valentine’s Day by adding a touch of shimmer and vivacity.The dazzling and ethereal combination will become a home for the treasured memories created on that memorable date for years to come.

Classic and elegant jewelry will be effortlessly worn on any occasion; however, if you wish to find unique and charming earrings for Valentine's Day, our Petit Garden Stud Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with White and Champagne Diamonds will fulfill every woman’s desires. The woman who wears them will feel the warmth of Rose Gold and the light of Diamonds on her body, conveying she is loved and special to you.

Where are the moonstones found?

Pasquale Bruni - Petit Garden Stud Earrings

Valentine’s Necklace

Capture the romance of this special day with Pasquale Bruni’s selection of Petit Garden Necklaces, the perfect Valentine’s jewelry for Her, filled with everlasting love. The resplendent necklace will bind your love and affection for one another and achieve the most important goal on Valentine’s Day, make your loved one feel special.

Say “I love you” with our Petit Garden Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with White and Champagne Diamonds. This extraordinary Valentine’s Day necklace for her is a meaningful and personal gift that can be worn close to the heart, unleashing powerful emotions.

Pasquale Bruni - Petit Garden Necklaces


Petit Garden by Pasquale Bruni is an exquisite collection that embodies nature and love. Its delicate floral designs, and high-quality craftsmanship, make it the perfect Valentine’s jewelry for Her and will surely make your special day magical and unforgettable.