Winter Jewellery Outfit by Pasquale Bruni

With the start of a new season comes a new closet: Experience vibrant energy in the light of diamonds, the colors of gemstones and the warmth of gold. Keep reading to discover how to create the perfect winter jewelry outfit!

Winter necklaces outfit

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding turtlenecks and necklaces, even so Pasquale Bruni is passionate about this timeless and elegant combination. Featuring specially designed winter necklaces meticulously studied to fit both on the skin and the turtleneck, the warmth of Gold will keep you radiant.

If you adore chokers and wish to add a hint of sparkle to your attires, you no longer need to wonder how to wear a choker in winter. Your jewelry dreams come true during this season as these jewels are the most suitable winter necklace to be used with classic and sophisticated garments such as turtlenecks. Liberate your creativity and play around with several styles by placing them higher or lower on the neck to shine and bloom.

Embracing a creative technique that plays with the fabric, Pasquale Bruni’s sautoirs possess a light that will accompany the woman in every movement. These magical sautoirs can be used particularly as a “double row” where the shortest part becomes a choker itself.

Turtlenecks are an idyllic outfit to be worn with our Ama body sautoir in 18k Rose, White, and Yellow Gold with White and Champagne Diamonds. Creating a game of lights that illuminates the female body, this gorgeous jewel simultaneously dresses a woman in a sensual and innovative style. The Ama collection induces a vision of love and symbolizes warmth and feelings. The delicate nature of the body sautoir over a timeless turtleneck highlights elements of freedom, assembled by imperceptible links that the most expert goldsmiths can only create.

Pasquale Bruni - Ama

Winter rings outfit

Pasquale Bruni has created charming winter rings in bold and statement designs, specially crafted to fit like gloves.

Where are the moonstones found?

Our breathtaking Giardini Segreti collection, the ultimate tribute to female worlds full of passion, pays particular attention to this as its dazzling rings shine brighter than the stars. Serving as graceful and precious magic on the skin of your hands, these mesmerizing winter rings envelop you in warmth and dress your hands in harmony with the body and its movements, with a sensual fit that will enchant the eyes they fall upon.
The statement Giardini Segreti Ring is a journey into the metamorphosis of nature, where tree branches extend like a hypnotic charm on your hands, almost like a perfectly fitting glove that will exude a captivating warmth and the art of nature through the winter season.

Pasquale Bruni - Giardini Segreti Ring

Winter gemstones outfit

The winter season readily evokes a sense of luminescence, purity, love, and nature. In like manner, the joyous light of Pasquale Bruni’s gems vibrates on the female body to absorb its energy and seduce it with infinite love.

Bring prosperity and good luck with our Bon Ton Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Smoky Quartz and Diamonds. Poetry is induced with these gems, as pink Quartz is the stone of eternal Love, the milky Quartz displays lunar Light, and the brown Quartz infuses an earthly Warmth that symbolizes the female spirit.

Pasquale Bruni - Bon Ton Ring

Smoky Quartz permeates positivity and protection by representing the three most special emotions; Love, Light, and Warmth. Characterized by the iconic Bon Ton cut, this cocktail ring is the symbol of an elegant and free style that adapts to the changes in seasons without betraying its essence.

Embodying the heart of Mother Nature, our Bon Ton Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with Smoky Quartz and Diamonds perfectly complements the seasonal aesthetic. The body feels the passion of the Smoky Quartz by compelling a soothing and grounding energy as you enter the depths of the cold and dark winter months. Effortlessly combined with Prasiolite, a bewitching and charming green stone, female bodies are bestowed with elegance and given the power and protection of nature.


Embrace your femininity during this season with Pasquale Bruni’s exquisite and unique selection of winter jewelry to flawlessly complete the perfect outfits. Discover versatile collections that can yield winter-style notes from warm, vivid gemstones.