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Pasquale Bruni iconic collections come straight from the heart and from the boundless imagination of Eugenia Bruni, Creative Director of the brand.
Her creations break away from traditional fine jewellery: they reflect the love for freedom, women's freedom.
A jewel must bring out an emotion and lead women to love and live fully.

Women are the great source of inspiration, together with nature, therefore jewels must be worn as nature dons its blooms, leaves and colours.
The search for the intimacy between woman and nature becomes a fundamental feature of the brand on every iconic collection.
The creativity is pure, instinctive and emotional, which is the origin of Eugenia’s desire to give a soul to the jewel and ensure that this soul is clearly visible.

Giardini Segreti, Ton Joli, Petit Joli, Figlia dei Fiori and Goddess Garden are all a tribute to women and nature.
Iconic expression of all the values of this powerfully feminine creativity: the meticulous study of the female shape to ensure a sensual communion
between body and soul, the selection of each single gem conveying protection and virtue, savoir-faire, goldsmith rigor and love for details.
A feminine touch pervades this visionary world, where nature thrives and light adorns women in their daily lives. 



Petit Joli is a floral dream on your skin.
The collection is designed for women always blooming in a free soul. Flowers that take on the colours of the sky, space and earth.
One exceptional aspect of the Pasquale Bruni philosophy is the ability to unite different symbols (the lunar and earthly worlds) and create a universe and its authentic interpretations of the connection between nature, its elements, women and the moon.



“Happiness in the rose gold of a flower, the character of a gem, the femininity in the soft light of a leaf, Ton Joli!" (Eugenia Bruni).
The strength of the green agate, the lunar energy of the white agate enhanced in the light of the rose gold. The green agate is a protective stone allowing women to spread their wings further all in harmony. In the love of sky and earth we can feel that women can do everything.



Figlia dei Fiori celebrates freedom and love for nature. Trails of flowers surround the body like planets. They joyously mirror the essence of the feminine creative spirit in a tribute to liberty and independence. In the rose gold shades, we find the colours of earth and its warmth, while white gold combinations of stones represent the infinite sky and all its immensity.
Women carry the whole Universe with them in the heart of Mother Nature.



The Petit Garden collection is inspired by the stunningly exotic flower, the Frangipani. We can almost perceive its unmistakeable scent as it metaphorically carries our body and soul to the tropics. From the spirituality of Bali to the wonderful nature of the Hawaii islands with their mighty ocean and lush views, Petit Garden is born. It is an absolute unchallenged symbol of beauty in its magnificent simplicity, a small secrets of pure passion.



The mysterious courtyards of the Milanese gardens, those magical places full of stories of secret encounters, art and nature, are the inspiration behind Giardini Segreti. A feminine world meant to be discovered and admired where flowers, leaves and butterflies thrive, where perfect harmony of body and movement reigns. Jewels make shimmering magic, weaving master craftsmen’s expertise in a perfect harmony of gold and gems. 



Goddess Garden high-end jewellery line is a tribute to nature. It is the garden of the contemporary woman, a modern goddess endowed with a thousand virtues. The collection, whose floral theme is the iconic garland, represents the excellence of Pasquale Bruni’s manufacturing and the unparalleled skill and technique that have always distinguished the Maison. Savoir-faire, creativity and technical skill are the essence of this collection.



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