Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Sapphires.

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REF: 16245R-11
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Aleluiá Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Pink Sapphires.

Aleluià is an ode to beauty and love.
The leaves reflect wings that empower women to take flight to wards the marvels of the world, in a journey redefining all her divinity.
The leaves of the Aleluiá collection have been crafted and set one by one, to then be assembled later on. This makes it possible to maintain the shape of the leaves and the precision of the overlays.

Aleluià is a journey towards the marvels of the world.
Pink aura reminds us of the luminescent pink of a dream sunset. Pink sapphires express the feminine love for beauty as a sort of living aura that makes women deeply sensual and self-confident.
The arduous manufacturing methods used to create these pieces can only be entrusted to master goldsmiths with incredible talent, expertise and experience. The creative design and crafting of each collection requires about one year of conceptualization.

  • Ring
  • 18k Rose Gold, 18.32 g
  • Pink Sapphires: 443 stones, 4.41 ct.
  • Size range: from 11 to 17 (any other size must be quoted separately)

*Our jewels are handmade in Italy with artisanal techniques and each creation is truly unique. For this reason, carats and gold weight can slightly vary.