Breathing Love: A Moment with Eugenia Bruni - May 7th - 5.00PM CET

Eugenia Bruni started practicing yoga in 1998/99 while she was studying in California. She began with Ashtanga and Hot Yoga (or Bikram Yoga).

Eugenia has always loved sports, from dance and synchronized swimming when she was little, to surf and Taekwondo. It was during her course of Taekwondo in California that her teacher introduced her to yoga and meditation. Every class started with yoga poses and ended with a session of meditation. From this very first moment she fell in love with yoga and began her path in the practice which led her to various experiences, incredible encounters and discoveries.

From the first seminars immersed in the ravishing nature of Hawaii, to the journey in India in 2004, her practice became more and more intense and spiritual to reach a very intimate and creative dimension.

On August 29th, 2008, she became certified in Yoga Siromani at The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center (in Reith, Tyrol, Austria).

Ten years later, on September 1st, 2018 she received a master's degree in Yoga Acharya at the same Academy.

During the years she has had a lot of amazing teachers and practiced many kinds of yoga, always with a pure heart toward a way of life that fully expresses her spirituality and love.

"In this moment of vulnerability we are facing, we find ourselves in the distance, embracing each other united in a prayer which doesn't distinguish any faith because its essence is Love.
It can be helpful to share a moment of meditation that is, to me, the cure for the Soul for so many years. Now more than ever I think this can heal and bond us in compassion and in gratitude.
A moment that we can make eternal in the awareness that we are one with the capability to nourish a pure energy of unconditional love towards all creation.
Breathing in the peace of mind in order to reach a higher level of consciousness to Love, to self-love, feeling and nourishing your Soul, your Body, the Universe and your Heart "

- Eugenia Bruni