Heart to Earth Earrings combination in 18k White Gold with Diamonds.

Made to order in our Atelier in Italy, so please allow up to 15 weeks for delivery.

Product information

Earrings combination: composed of two pieces
18k White Gold
White Diamonds: 3.84 ct.

*Our jewels are handmade in Italy with artisanal techniques and each creation is truly unique. For this reason, carats and gold weight can slightly vary.

SKU: 16517B & 16518B


The new high jewelry collection, Heart to Earth, aims to represent a vital journey that connects soul, heart and earth. It's an essential connection translated into elegant and extraordinarily evocative creations: the earth is a flower, and the heart is the gem, Heart and Earth, creating a single energy system that integrates with the soul of the wearer. Immersed in this idyllic and spiritual dimension, the collection aims to evoke an ethereal and eternal space where an imaginary path leads to uniqueness with oneself and the surrounding world.
The "riviera," a stream of diamonds in the jewelry's shape, symbolically resembles a natural element like a river that freely traces its vital path. There is a profound fascination in which light flows naturally, tracing a path, metaphorically that of life, where you can get lost only to find yourself even better than before.
In this collection, the Maison's ethical commitment to gem selection, following the highest and strictest quality criteria, is once again confirmed. A continuous and careful search is conducted to enhance the light, colors, and essence of the materials, a process that goes along with long-term sustainability. The study of cuts and the consequent evolution in craftsmanship are a true passion for Eugenia Bruni but, above all, a fundamental step since they characterize each collection and represent its soul and inspiration.